A Northland career provides an opportunity to do more, learn more, and grow more. As an international clean and green energy producer, we offer opportunities for co-op students, recent graduates and experienced professionals. Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your career, think about becoming part of our team.

Since we started in 1987, Northland has focused on sustainability - the ability to build value today, while protecting the future. We work hard to be wise in our investments, safe and efficient in our operations, friendly to our environment and fair in all our dealings.

Our values stem directly from Northland founder James (Jim) Temerty. Jim’s distinguished career as an entrepreneur and philanthropist reflects a history of successful business initiatives balanced with a keen focus on making a positive impact in support of numerous healthcare, educational and cultural initiatives. Northland started out as a small company built on family values and although today the Northland team is over 300 strong – and growing – our values have not changed.

  • Safety—Ensuring the health and safety of our people, partners and stakeholders is our top priority
  • Honesty & IntegrityDoing the right thing for all of our collective stakeholders
  • RespectFor ourselves, our partners, our host communities – and the environment
  • CommitmentSeeing a project or challenge through to its successful conclusion
  • Having Fun Feeling passion and enthusiasm for our work drives our efforts
  • Pursuit of ExcellenceStriving to be the best in everything that we do
  • CollaborationListening, sharing and working cooperatively is key to our success
  • CreativityFinding innovative solutions that stimulate positive change and growth
What is it like working at Northland? A retired Northlander shares his experience:

People often think that there are trade-offs in business. Can a company be focused on improving the environmental prospects of the planet and be profitable? In a competitive “dog eat dog” world, can a company maintain its honesty and integrity while still “winning the business”? Can a company grow and keep its original values and spirit?

My last seven years at Northland have shown me that when a company is made up of talented people, with strong principles and character, a great organization can achieve great success without making trade-offs. I’ve come to see and admire Northland as a unique and special company that has proven it can:

  • Be focused on environmental sustainability AND be a financial success story.
  • Be started on a foundation of integrity and honesty AND maintain those values as we’ve grown into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.
  • Be highly intelligent, solution-driven AND be caring about each other as well as the communities where we operate and develop projects.
  • Be super diligent AND take risks (we just manage them very effectively).
  • Be award winning AND remain humble.
  • Be hard working AND still find time for fun.
  • Become a multinational company AND still feel like a family.

Northland has had an amazing past AND faces a great future because it is an “and” company. For me personally, it has been a privilege to be part of the Northland team.

John Wright,
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